A basting box is a pro embroiderers tip that not many are aware of – If you’ve decided not to hoop fabric based on the fabric or your preference, one way to secure your project outside the hoop is by using a basting box.

A basting box is a rectangle of long-length stitches used to secure an embroidery blank to stabilizer before a design is embroidered; a basting box decreases fabric movement, thus decreasing puckering and producing a better stitch out.

Basting stitches can be made by hand, sewing machine, or embroidery machine. Regardless of the method, these stitches are easily removed after the embroidery is complete. 

Remove a basting box with your favorite seam ripper or pair of small scissors.

Ultimately, while temporary adhesive spray, pins, or sticky self-adhesive stabilizers are great options, sometimes I pick a basting box.