Embroidering on towels is a popular way to personalize or add a decorative touch to the item. Here are the basic steps to embroider on towels:

  1. Choose the right towel: Use a heavier-weight towel made of cotton, such as terry cloth, as they hold the embroidery better than lighter-weight towels.
  2. Choose the right needle and thread: Use an embroidery needle and embroidery thread suitable for the fabric you work with.
  3. Hoop the towel: Place a piece of cutaway stabilizer in the hoop, then place the towel over the stabilizer and hoop the entire assembly.
  4. Transfer the design: Use an embroidery machine or hand-stitch the design onto the towel, following the recommended stitch density and thread color for your design.
  5. Embroider the design: Start with the outlines or larger design elements, and work towards the smaller details.
  6. Remove the hoop: Carefully remove the hoop and cut away any excess stabilizer.
  7. Finishing touches: Wash and dry the towel to remove any residue from the stabilizer, and enjoy your new, personalized towel!

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific machine and materials is important to ensure the best results.